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James Camerons "Titanic"

Vulcan and Hector - 1/20th scale Turn of the Century Steam powered tugboats.

They are replicas of the tugboats used to pull the Titanic away from the pier in Southampton Shipyards

They are constructed from fiberglass hulls and laser scribed pine decking. The superstructures

were created from a pvc material called sintra and covered with scribed wood or left natural to simulate metal.

They also utilize brass railings, stairs, masts and portholes in their construction. An additional superstructure set and details were

constructed to modify the a tug into a third version the "Neptune" to further provide accuracy for the film

This work was created at Digital Domain under the supervision and designs of Gene Rizzardi

Paul Almaguer, Alan Garber, Alan Pilkington handled the building chores,

Titanic - 1/20th scale 1912 version of the ill fated Steamship

Constructed in a 20 week period at Digital Domains annex this model is the finest scale replica of the Titanic

ever built for a motion picture. The model is constructed with a wooden hull similar to a modern wooden

sailboat. The Superstucture is comprised of wood, plexiglass, sintra , abs and styrene. Brass was used

for the railings, and portholes and ladders details. The wood is laser scribed pine plywood, aged to simiulate

the Titanic's pine decks. A crew of about 50 people was required to complete this model.

The design construction was supervised by Gene Rizzardi with the aid of co-foreman George Stevens and noted

Titanic Historian Ken Marschal

Titanic - 1/20th scale 1912 version of the ill fated Steamship




Here is a view from the stern of the hull framework. This framework was built by our shipwrights Russell Peters

and Bill Canty and a few assitants. The techniques used are similar to modern wooden sailboat construction using

a coldmolded technique. This provided us with a stable platform to build the ship and a constant wall thickness.


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